Letra de Pusherman
I'm not a stranger
(Just a little strange)
Want some candy
I'm a good friend of the family
You're not in danger
(He's just a little strange)
Don't you want to feel good again
I'm your pusherman
I'm your pusherman

I can make you feel like it's a sunny day
I can make your inhibitions run away
They don't understand you
You can talk with me
They don't understand you
Take a walk with me


If you need style
I'll give you attitude and grace
Just meet me on the corner
Afterschool and don't be late
This is more than love
Feels better than your drugs
I put my songs inside a needle
And I'll inject that in your blood


I'm your pusherman (x4)

Pump this in your system
Like a crushed up pill
I had half a hit a year ago
I'm feelin fucked up still

They don't understand you
You can follow me
I can make you feel like
This is all a dream

Chorus (x2)

I'm your pusherman (x5)