Letra de Gangster
I want it all
Money, power, respect
I want a couple hundred thou
To throw around when I bet
I want the sweet taste of success
And the sound of a check
I want revenge of my enemies
Surrounded in red
But I never killed my man
Or even wanted some cash
But when I see the life they livin
I just want it so bad
I want hit men and body guards
Butlers and maids
Politicians in my pocket
Cause the government's paid

Would you still be there by my side
If I was a different type of guy

Would you still want me if I's gangster

If nice guys finish last
Then maybe I could be a villian
And I'd get there fast
Maybe I could get the women
I could get the stash
I could even make a killin
I could get some cash
But they all say that money
Can't buy you love
But it can get you sex
And all types of drugs
Can get you guest list
In the finest clubs
It can get you well dressed
In the designer duds

Would you still be there by my side
If I drove a different type of ride


I'll get a credit on a drive
For a homicide
Cause when the witness stops his car
There'll be a bomb inside
So don't make me make your mama cry
I never said I was an honest guy
I shoot up a restaurant
On Valentine's Day
Just cause they don't cook
Italian my way
I'll be the Godfather Don
But not if you're gone
So please tell me if you're gonna stay

Would you still be there by my side
If I lived out a life of crime

Would you want me if I's gangster (x9)