Letra de Amateur Porn
Female speaking:
I'm about to do something desparate
Something I'd never thought I would do
You have driven me to it

You know the girl that said she'd
Save it for her wedding day
Somewhere between vengence and rejection
She got led astray
You tore her heart so bad
She tapes it when she's getting laid
You never let a good girl like that
Ever get away

You're not there anymore
She's doing amateur porn
She's got her hand on a cock
She's got her pants on the floor
That girl's gone bye
She set the world on fire
You don't care anymore
She's doing amateur porn
She's got a flare to perform
Just turn the camera on
That girl's gone bye
She'll set the world on fire

You know the girl that you see
Walking home from Catholic school
Lips around a lollipop
With pig tails and an attitude
One afternoon this actor dude
Asks if she's attractive nude
Afterschool he meets her
Cause he knows what else she's apt to do


You know the girl in school
Who never had a boyfriend
She met a business man
That traveled for enjoyment
Offered her a job to do some
Rather lude employment
A good girl that went bad
Her parents tragic disappointment


Amateur porn (x4)
(various moaning sounds)