About Glum Naiades And Idle Gods Letra

Paragon Of Beauty

Confort Me, Infinity

Letra de About Glum Naiades And Idle Gods
Ethereal calm was sown by Naiades
Vague delight
Dead wood's paleness, bygone...

O weightless thought
Microscopic darwins.
Particles of a cruel hour-glass
That's filled with empty seed.
Raining down a poet's grave

Earily thy sad wind roars
Blows and weaves on torrid shores
Careworn mermaids flicker grey
Elderly thy morn-boughs sway

When the oddest foe entwines me
and ballads die away
When the witty moons pass by like habits
I'll starve in bleak dismay

Chasms whisper:
"Joy is numb...a fatal chalice...no escape"

Thou hath waltzed o'er pastures of frailty
With cygnets wrapped in moss
Murky day-dreams plague thee. O nadir
Thy energy disdained by sourness

Make thy loom of wisdom
Into a sprouting remedy
Be aware that thou shall mind
Thy timid orphaned naiades

A swarm of white owlets
To clear my lovesick heart