Letra de Broken Girl
All alone and in a mess,
this broken girl is in distress.
She drifts around in her disgrace,
black tear tracks all down her face.
Always searching for something misplaced.
More over sensitised in every way,
she becomes more broken with every passing day.

But you say,

I know she can,
I know she'll try,
I know she will,
I can see it in her eyes.

She's getting more and more afraid,
because of all those scars they made.
She tries her best to break free,
Scared of how impatient you'll be.
If you push too hard you'll tear her apart,
get to close and you'll break her heart.

But you still say,

She really can,
She has to try
She really will
On her I will rely.

Your the person she can't help but love,
the wounds just won't stop opening up.
No amount of cover up will ever save this girl.
They just take, and shes so fake,
there's nothing left to lean on,
except her lonely lies, and hiding inside her disguise.
She screams because she just can't change,
she'll die before she changes her ways.

And she says,

I never can,
I'll never try,
I never will,
Everything's a lie.

Too paper thin, to ever stand up for a thing,
too paper thin, to ever stand up for a thing.
She's so paper thin, she'll never stand up for a thing.

She'll always be your broken girl,
she'll always be your broken girl.