Letra de Thunder Underground
Your thoughts are compromising
Self-centered patronizing
Your image supersedes your soul

You find me mystifying
Subhuman so annoying
You can't have me under control

You think you live forever
You don't find that profound
You won't think you're so clever
When you hear thunder underground
All right now

Your morbid fear of losing
Destroys the lives you're using
You only have one point of view

The stigma of delusion
Confirms your self illusion
And after all this could be you

When you hear thunder underground
Here we go now

Could it be that I have found my mind
Or have I gone insane?
Roller coaster of the madness
And there's only me to blame
The ever faithful hand of doom
Will take the pain away
I'll never know the answer to it all
'Til my dying day

Your bullshit culture licking
Can't stop the deathwatch ticking
You're only mortal after all

Your appetite for power
Subverts your every hour
But every time the mighty fall