Letra de Tomorrow
Have you read the message
The writing on the wall
Could it be the answer
The answer to it all
What's going Heaven
I'm playing with your head
Don't believe them when they tell you
You'd be better off dead

Living in the thunder
Driving me insane
Can I get a witness to take away the pain
Walking on the water
Going nowhere fast
Feeling like I'm walking with no shoes on broken glass

You know it

You don't have to leave the lights on
I'm so used to being blind
No more goodbyes or yesterdays
So it's I'll see you tomorrow
I'll see you tomorrow

Welcome to the sideshow
I'll cut it to the chase
Yeah I can hear you thinking
It's going all to waste
I don't mean to offend you
When I look in the eyes
What's all this commotion?
It leaves me mystified

Chasing all the rainbows
Falling from the sky
I know your intentions
Are all a bunch of lies
I'm running out of patience
Falling off track
You better start to worry 'cause I may not make it back

All right now

Living in the big house
Dying by the rail
If I wanted your opinion
I'd call you up in Hell
Could that be the mailman
Knockin' on the door
Or just another lightweight
Finally evening the score?