Old L.A. Tonight Letra

Ozzy Osbourne


Letra de Old L.A. Tonight
Look into the future look into my eyes and tell me
Everything's all right
Tell me where we're going
I'm so afraid 'cos I don't know what's going on
With my life

But it'll be alright tonight
Will it be alright tonight?
Are we doin' alright in old L.A. tonight?

Sitting by the ocean
Mapping out my plan of action
Baby they include you
I wish you'd send a message
Maybe I'm just better off not knowing
Who knew

Those summer nights
When I look in your eyes
I'm falling to pieces pieces
Out of my mind
And I'll never know why
I'm falling to pieces pieces

Who could imagine such a thing could happen to you?
It's gonna be alright in old L.A.