My Jekyll Doesn't Hide Letra

Ozzy Osbourne


Letra de My Jekyll Doesn't Hide
Condemned to violence
Arrested by pain
Inside the soul lies a man insane
Conceived in anger
Addicted to hate
The mutant child of a twisted state

Beware the contradiction
Beneath the crimson void
'Cos in this world of fiction
My Jekyll doesn't hide

A killer's smile with a psycho star dream
Behind the mask things aren't what they seem
Unholy soldier
Desciple of sin
What kind of mind are you living in

You're preaching revolution
Don't you mean genocide?
Behind this resolution
My Jekyll doesn't hide

Waiting to die for the very first time
All right, That's right
Waiting to die for the very first time
I don't give a damn 'cos I think it's my time
My time

The symbiosis of murder and lies
What do I see looking through your disguise?
Fourth reich dementia
Subversion ideals
God only knows what your secret conceals

Who'll be the first offender?
Who will be victamized?
In your perverse agenda
My Jekyll doesn't hide