Letra de The Ultimate Sin
Overkill enough is enoughThere's nothing left of me to devourYou've had your fill I'm all I have leftWhat can stop your hunger for power'Cos you took advantage of things that I saidNow the feeling is deadAnd that's the ultimate sinAnd that's the ultimate sinAnyway I look at it nowThe doors are closed and cannot be openedBury your anger and bury your deadOr you'll be left with nothing and no oneThere's no point in screaming 'cos you won't be heardNow that tables have turnedIt was the ultimate sinIt was the ultimate sinIt was the ultimate sinI warned you then and I'm warning you nowIf you mess with me you're playing with fireWinds of change that are fanning the flamesWill carry you to your funeral pyreIt's pulling you downIt's your final descentIt's too late to repentWhen it's the ultimate sinWhen it's the ultimate sinWhen it's the ultiamte sinWhen it's the ultimate sin