Spiders In The Night Letra

Ozzy Osbourne

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Letra de Spiders In The Night
Spiders in the nightCreeping round the wallsNow you'll feel himCrawling over youCreepy crawly thingsFilling up your bedSoon you'll feel himCrawling through your brainsYou think he's thereBeware his biteBut when you lookThe spider's not in sightSpiders reappearTaking peoples namesEverything is taken down insaneThere's no way outAnd there's no keyBut here's a clueThe spider's really meYou're written in his bookThe spider won't forgetYou won't forgetThe spiders in the nightThe end is going nightItsy witsy friendsThe spiders disappearing from the nightYou think he's goneYou think he's deadThere's no escapeThe spiders in your headAll the spiders in the nightAll the spiders in the nightAll the spiders in the night