Letra de Revival
So whats with your kindyou scavenge to findwhat makes yousepreme in designaccuse you cause they had the funso differently divinewhen my mind goes overrideits so typical to capture anonymintyI choose the crowd to divideso you'll see I try(Jon) cannot ever displaceyou see i'm jaded at times(Jon) from nowhere leaving this placeso you see me die(Jon) right in front of your faceyou see im jaded at times(Jon) from nowhere leaving this placethey made us with a toolthen they taught us how to livewe met the candymanhe filled us with his contrabandthen they scared us all awaywhile your visiting your bubble of realitysalivating at the sound of the bellsI'll be seducing you through your confessionthey've been the ones you've known foreversomeones been lied towith all the rage caught us dismalat times we've known foreveryou've been denied of supervisionjust a test tube life awayhow could you make believe that we've lived through circumsicionwhen its right here next to mefriendships changed to timethey'd never let us leaveyou took your time too late missing what you've never had I'll be the only one who knows just how we've been abused