Grazy Train (The Osbournes Titelsong) Letra

Ozzy Osbourne

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Letra de Grazy Train (The Osbournes Titelsong)
Grazy, but that's how it goesMillions of people living as foesMaybe it's not too lateTo learn how to loveAnd forget how to hate(Rest kommt beim Titelsong nicht vor)Mental wounds not healingLife's a bitter shameI'm going off the rails on a grazy trainI've listened to preachersI've listened to foolsI've watched all the dropoutsWho make their own rulesOne person conditioned to rule and controlThe media sells it and you live a roleMental wounds still screamingDriving me insaneI'm going off the rails on a grazy trainI know that things are going wrong for meYou gotta listen to my wordsYeh-hHeirs of a cold warThat's what we've becomeInheriting troubles I'm mentally numbGrazy, I just cannot bearI'm living with something that just isn't fairMental wounds not healingWho and what's to blameI'm going off the rails on a grazy train