Letra de Fiend
What's behind your painted facecan you see the real pig in the mirrorrevenge you breedI hate your skeletonsBeggin to get outone by one, dont let your secrets get outkeep it in the brain dead circlethis is you, create a new fantasiacause it beats hating yourself, hating yourselfyou came first in to mind known to feel unkindblind by what we're showingknown to feel unkindViolet pretty show your faceyour always fiending so you cravelaying the dumb ones downyou love the thrill of the chasethis is you, I laid you downthen walked on youTorrid binge's bit you throughout miseryfor two i'm choking on your sweetnessI took Fifteen from youand you'll never get this backtruly disgraceful dont you knowyour not the lucky oneyou cant promise me you didnt knowpromise me you'll know