Letra de Blue Monday
how does it feelto treat me like you dowhen you layed your hands upon meand told me who you areI thought I was mistaken I thought I heard your wordsbut tell me how I feelTell me know how do I feel.how does it feelhow should i feeltell me how does it feelto treat me like you dothose who came before melived through thier vacationsfrom the past until completionthey will turn away no moreI still find it so hard to say what I need to saybut I'm quite sure that you'll tell mejust how I should feel todayI see a ship in the harborI can and shall obeybut if it wasnt for your misfortunesI'd be a heavenly person to dayI thought I was mistakenI thought I heard you speaktell me how do i feeltell me know how should i feelNow I stand here waitingi thought I told you to leave mewhen I walked down to the beachtell me how does it feelwhen your heart grows coldHow does it feelHow should I feelTell me how does it feelto treat me like you do