Letra de Desire
I always knew what I wanted to be
I knew for sure, I knew for sure
Always knew it was them or me
I wanted more, more and more

It's all right, it's okay
None of them people gonna take it away
Cause they don't know, like I know
And I can't stop 'cause it drives them crazy
It drives them crazy, 'cause I won't be cool
It's too late baby

It's the same old desire
Nothing has changed, nothing's the same
Burning like fire
Don't you ever take my name in vain

Always moving somewhere else to be
Moving on, moving on
Scream at you and you scream at me
Right or wrong, right or wrong

It's all right, it's okay
No one's ever gonna take us away
'Cause they don't know, like I know
I gotta keep rockin' cause it makes me crazy
It makes me crazy, who needs to be cool
Life's amazing

It's that same old desire
Crazy train, crazy train