Letra de Get Along
I take the call
Still too late
I take the call
And I've been thinking I just can't wait
To take you home
You rather stay
The tracks on loan
And I'll be back in time to get some pay

I think it's made
of cotton wool
I think it's made
of fear and lies and you but you fall
Let's take a stretch
the block around
We'll test the depth
and maybe both our feet will hit the ground

Let's just get along
Take back what we begun
Don't hesitate
Your time is out
Don't make us late

And I'm feeling like
I'm talking, talking, talking, walking backwards
And I hesitate
I catch a frown that's set upon my shoulder [/]

Let's start a force
Our own brigade
Let's start a force
Destroy the source
And stop what we've made
I'll tell the truth
An honest swear
I cut the loop and trap the honest
honest in a glare

You're off the scale
We're too entwined
You're off the scale and I'm so dead
But you just don't mind
We're heated up
I heard let's stay
The end has called
And I'll be sitting back to hear them say

[Chorus x2]

Let's just get along
Take back what we begun [x4]