Letra de Sweet Revenge
What is he thinking now in his mind?
He thinks that I'm thinking of him
Well, he's right
Hypnotized by the desperate call
Drawing me over and over I fall

Well here it comes, it's a little surprise
All wrapped up in a pretty disguise
You're ready and able, you're restless Iá­ll bet
Only the few things youá­re soon to regret

I feel your fuse ignite the pain
But I'm standing outside
All alone in the rain
My life is so full of pictures of you
An image so clear
So clearly untrue

Always left behind was me
Disregard me, let me be
Always there you thought Iá­d be
Well, I don't want your pity

Stand aside my friend
I'll be the one who shines
I could've followed you
More than a thousand times

Although my life may bend and curve
People will get what they usually deserve
Friendships will fade and fates will be crossed
Somewhere in love your emotions get tossed
Though as the table starts to turn
The conversation begins to burn
I think you're jealous, don't call me untrue
Call me deceitful
I learned it from you
I learned it from you
Oh You...
[I could have followed you there]
[I could have followed you there]
All those little things I learned from you
[I could have followed you there]
Don't tell me it isn't true
'Cause I learned it from you