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Letra de Picture Frame Me
At the point there was something worthless about us. I said in my thought, "I will."

Body fingers came, touched the back of my skull. She moved back to say, "Are you ready to go?"

Why don't you picture frame me? I'm so ready I can't really move. "Stand and walk and I will open the door for you."

And we walking she is so close. We see walls - spiked broken glass bottles.

Why don't you picture frame me?

You're babbling in your sleep again. "pretty smog breathed from smoke engine.

"You awake, re-eclipse, speak of bliss and the things in between. Long face, picture frame, breath in and fill me with sky.

Why don't you picture frame me?

If you look at something long enough, you'll become it.

This house, this place, all these faces.

Straight jackets fill the sky.