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Letra de Before You And Me
There's a light behind the eye. It's the shape of a moonless sky.

Old Sanga Ri is coming down. Old Sanga Ri is turning brown.

This is where we dry our bones and this is where we soak all the old skin. This is where I put my rock to watch the fire. This is where I found my art.

This is the box where I keep my lies. Down in the base of Fredericks and Tai's.

Now there's a paper heart in my place for you. Down at the start of our island for two.

Pretty liquids float with wraiths in the dark. I know a secret path that leads through the park.

Watch the fire with me, burn the hate with me, sleep till two or three and walk through the ruins.

See your fathers house, the way it used to be, before you and me when this town was free.