Letra de In This Wind
Kick them in the skyline

Slap them into place

The cards are all marked here

For miles around the hearts are breaking

Falling off the trees

Gonna have to pay some boy to pick them up

and tie them to the docks and cradle them to sleep in this wind

I wouldn't

Wake up on the porch

Swimming from the heat

Gonna have to face up now

Stand up and cut out the paper man

I wouldn't know why you'd do that, why you'd face it or if it's possible

Somewhere overseas a blank omen

Unlocks the bad man

A torrid voice

A malady

Unable to hear itself and its alarming noise

A lack of choice

Embarrassed to be the center of it

Oh, can you bear this?

On the set



I know...wrong, but you can't see that and I can't tell you