Letra de Winter winds
Like winter winds across the snow
it's your silent voice that chills my soul
it whispers in the trees above
as I wonder the earth trying to keep up
and not once, twice, tree times nor four
it's gotta be a thousand or more

The distant thunder across the plains
electric blue through all the rain
it rumbles through straight to the heart
cutting up my mind slicing me apart
as my boots get stiff and my fingers grow cold
what will become of the faith that I hold

Direction comes when you ride towards the Son
as you wipe your brow and face what's become
I'm just a man searching for something beyond

And just how it happens is difficult to tell
melody and songs the best I know how
as I come upon forks in the rode
my soul says stop, body says go
exhausted, sleepless, tired is myself
my mustang needs rest and I do was well

Just a man searching for something beyond
just a man desperately walking alone
just a man longing to face what's become