Letra de Heaven bound train
I saw the train coming as I walked along those tracks
and I heard the engines humming so I took a few steps back
she started blowing whistles so I turned to give a glance
I saw somebody singing and the children laughing while they danced

And I won't be afraid when the Lord comes to take me away

I'll say goodbye when I leave to my friends and my family
Then I heard somebody shouting "Come on climb aboard, it's time
to see your Savior, it's time to meet the Lord"
So I asked to buy a ticket and they laughed and pointed at me.
So I reached inside my wranglers, there was a one-way ticket for free

And I won't be afraid when I retire from this wretched place
I've got my ticket in my hand ready to go to the promise land
as I stepped aboard the box car I took a long deep breath
and I wondered about these others who before me had seen their death
were they trembling in their fast steps? Or sobbing in disbelief?
Or singing the songs of glory to my Lord my soul to keep
Here we are just you and I ready to live and
we've had our laughs and our tears and like tornado's we conquered our fears
Kind of wish I could stay but it's just one breathe away, and tomorrow night
be the day that I board that heaven bound train.