Pornographic Letra

Osvaldo Supino


Letra de Pornographic
Porno-, pornographic...

Like a stalker watching you,
I’m to the bone obsessed.
Even though you’re classy, you
Appear to me undressed.

And I know you know it shows:
It’s in the way it’s swung.
Underneath the fancy clothes,
Forbidden fruit is hung.

Your body's pornographic,
It's a movie rated X!
So porno-, pornographic!
Anytime I think of sex,
I picture you —
You love it, too —
And my reaction’s automatic,
’Cause your body, baby, is pornographic!

Porno-, pornographic...

Can't imagine being me
And feeling how I've felt,
Waiting, but impatiently,
To go below the belt.

All I do is stare at you,
Intense and indiscreet,
Willing you to lose your cool
And give in to my heat.

Pushing me, you're pulling me...
You're rattling my chain.
Pushing me, you're pulling me...
You're driving me insane.

(Grazie a Tommaso per questo testo)