Le Désir Du Nuage Letra

Oso Closo

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Letra de Le Désir Du Nuage
High above these things
A cloud sings.
In his song, a dream
Is proud and holy.
In his shape, a dance
Of woe and beauty.
Dancing for his rain
And sunbeam.

And he never cries alone.
Gives away his pain in show.

Down below this cloud
A girl dreams.
In her dream, a boy
Is singing.
In his song, his love
Is raining.
But she is sheltered from
Its cleansing.

Wash yourself in me,
I will wash you clean.
Lay under my shade,
All your pain will fade.
Look to me for love,
I will be above.

You're trying to hear me out,
And I'm right in your ear.
You're trying to seek me out,
But I'm always right here.
You want to feel it out,
But I've always loved you.
So what are you not sure about?
This is all for you.