Letra de 13
i watched the rain beat on the sidewalk.
complete with grey skies and headlights
and puddles on the sidewalk,
everybody's ruined like me...
it's weird now, when i look back.
each day spent careful is still consumed over time.
i think it's worse to be aware
and know this change than to go on every day unknowing...
i'm having trouble with realizations.
why does it have to be a regretful mess.
if i could have one day back now,
i swear i'd use it well...
oh 13, where did you go?
you're gone when i needed you the most.
i know that from here it's downhill.
make the best of a slow death. people change, yeah.
and that can never be good.
i liked it that way, why did you stray?
maybe i'm unhealthy.
oh won't you stop and stay frozen in time with me...