Disconnect, Disconnect Letra


Idle Will Kill

Letra de Disconnect, Disconnect
Every time I hear your name, it bears an uncanny resemblance to defeat.
I never want to touch base, because it's hard to face the things we've been.
I don't remember the precious things,
I still remember the ways you showed your worth.
All of this breathing in
And never breathing out
I hope you feel the pull, it'll bring down to where I go,
and that's what I know of life, cuz it was all I was shown.
What I know now, I could never go back to you.
Disconnect and disconnect and disconnect.
The heart attack comes right back, right where we left off.
I point the gun too much.
Fuck, you're such an easy target.
I said I couldn't carry a goddamn thing, but you gave it anyway.
Half-flattered you believed in me, half-sorry you made a mistake.
I hope it's cold in your room, let the warmth lure you home.
I hope it's cold in your room, and like a magnet it'll bring you home