Whisper Of The Witch Letra

Osculum Infame


Letra de Whisper Of The Witch
A dream...? A call...? Illusion or madness?
I heard my name through a haunting chant
Is it a chant or a gloomy symphony?
Is it a call or my own cry?
In the midst of lament and pain
I see the way and find her
My lost desire, my witch
Guided by my despair...
... She travels through the infinite cycle of the Ages

My Witch, burn me with your infernal beauty
Dark Woman, let us melt in the Dance of Fire and Ice

Share the secrets of Darkness
Your black eyes are the mirror of truth
Where I can see my power
That you make, reborn within me

Dark Woman, take me upon your cosmic travels
My Witch, I want to be the storm of your hate

Build a mighty castle
A fortress for our unholy hearts
Where we'll fly into dark caves
For our quest of wisdom and
Harmony of our melancholic spirits

[Autumn 1995]