Vampiric Warmaster (Part II) Letra

Osculum Infame


Letra de Vampiric Warmaster (Part II)
Incarnation of a dark supremacy
Mysterious and dreadful inheritence of a forgotten past
A mythic Quest: Born from the might of Moon and Shadows
An eternal being: Drakän, Guardian of Eternal Blood
Protector of a pagan and profane tradition
A man born with a spirit, but without soul...
... without pity... without fear...

Centuries ago, he ruled the land of Wallachia
In the shadow of the honour that his ancestors built
A name, a mark, an order... Drakul: Cruel and merciless
He fought for the domination of the world by an elite of initiates
A world where the feeble will be crushed
A sacred mission, inherited from Ancient Times...
A struggle for Supremacy... of men made with the same Heart

For his bloodthirsty feats he was given the name of Tepes...
He made war with art...
Crimes and revenge with delight...
Tortures and suffering with pleasure...
He led an endless fight for power
By his own might, he was a master
Without faith in god, only in himself

Voivod of Wallachia, man of power and pride
Cruel and merciless
Vampire, with an endless thirst of blood to spread
He knew sciences of darkness

It was said he died in the battlefield
The storm lit the struggle of the dark powers against death...
In the shadow of an ancestral vampiric tradition
He laid... A mythic quest... A quest for eternity...
Voivod Drakul: Keeper of eternal blood
Vampiric warmaster

[Summer 1996]