The Nine Ghosts Of The Ring Of Power Letra

Osculum Infame


Letra de The Nine Ghosts Of The Ring Of Power
In the malignant spirit of Sauron the Damned
Where born the fabulous Rings of Power
Their work of domination started with Ancient Kings,
Warriors and Wizards -
Perverted by glory and power
Became the slave of the Lord of the Ring:
Spectral were their appearances
As though mere shadows in darkness...

Nazgël, damned souls of the tenebrous Lord...
The Night walks with them:
Death howls from their mouths
Knights of Chaos, riding obscure Dragons...
Horrifying apparitions led by the madness
Of the Prince of barad-Dër

With a blind devotion
The Army of Mordor gathered about
The sinister towers of Minas Morgul
A cursed fortress for the Black Ghosts;
Where forbidden sorcery is practiced.
The beginning of War, marching
To an epic battle against golden armour:
The Chronicle of the Infinite Quest

[Autumn 1996]