Letra de Dark Wickedness
Engraved in the oldest parchments
The Dark Story of Blood and Crime
Surrendered to me it's most hated secrets...
Forsaken to the Flames of Wickedness
I lead a struggle within me...
My lust for Cruelty is as strong
As my desire to shed Darkness amongst Blood

Inferno of Tortures...
Poison, Fire and Iron...

It was said to delight in crime and revenge
Among lies...
It was said to exalt in taste of blood
Among horrors...
I laugh with a scornful smile

It was said to blaspheme and to subjugate
Among feeble tears...
I learnt - there's no law before my Will
I learnt - there's no-one above me
I laugh with a scornful smile

Sparkling steel, a strap of leather
Held in my hands with strength
Honour my knife and whip with Blood and Pain
I laugh with a scornful smile
With art and subtlety:
I'll engrave my sign with my knife and whip
Filled by the stench of suffering
Kneel down before Might and Darkness
Honour my knife and whip in your death-throes

[Winter 1995]