Letra de Want Me Back
(feat. Sparks, Young Chris & Freeway)

[Sparks (Oschino)]
Yeah, That's Right, Oschin, Sparks, Yeah, Freeweezy, B.Sig
That's Right, Young Spark from the back life fucka
You gonna need me, I believe this world, that's right
You want me back, holla
(This is serious right here, this is gangsta
This is for the projects, for back lock nigga, stand up)

You gonna want me back, you know
You gonna need me, one day
You gonna wat me back, in your life
You gonna need me

Now I've had my issues doin at my life time
I've did a lotta mean things, not even at my right mind
Shit sometimes even at the wrong time
But gangsta, if been around my generation year
So it flows into the blood line
For me to sin about six, to one of y'all pricks is clone line
I've put it personal, with the glock nine
Open at your sun, you will let the sun shine on you
If the thing ring on you, I eat, sleep near the green and shit
Believe this shit, trust me, I glock one of y'all fucks like
One of like trustees, and to the feds and dipe me
And till y'all punk try to chump me, and fuck it
I keep my piece with me, so come and get me
I'm bringin the fuel, and y'all motherfuckers with me
I'm your uncle varish, I make the block hotter then it even been, Holla

[Chorus: Young Chris]
[In my lifetime] I've seen plenty fights break up
Friendship brake up, Niggaz fallin under pressure
They total on the best, But nigga hold for the rest of us
State Prop, Slash ROC, Know you can't mess with us
[In my lifetime] I've seen more thugsnish over low and shit
I've seen more blood drippin a little bit
You gonna want me back, Soons a nigga blows
That's in it for the dough, And that's all the nigga knows

Ain't nothin about me average, own style like Lenny Kravitz
I beep the whole floor like a magic
No looks bullets through your cabbage, over the beef
I pull the toast nigga, let's make a sandwhich
I stay with my burner, speakin the truth likes a journal
My 357'll turn a, situation ugly
Throwback jersey in the skelly
On the corner and a reign about my money
Sing my song till I'm gone, And when I'm gone make a remix
We keep it rockin till they sees it, The ghetto apetitte
Down the street from death, We takin nine from grand it
Not even a brush, Men in respect, Walk with ur vest
Handle your tack, Lookin over the shoulder
Gotta pray for your neck, Been armed till the day that I'm gone
Me facin my usual where we gangstas till the day that I'm gone


Oh, I hate to say I told you so, with the boy
With the flow it's here, yeah drown in yours ears
Look bitch when you blow you blow
And you roll and you miss your look like your best friend
I'm tryna do a show a day, stash the dough
He on the run, he a stole always stash my friend
I love my niggaz, but never put the force away
We put the drugs away, until the drag money go away
Then we at it again
On the block we our timbs and our skelly gettin cold
On a whole bag on fall back
Then listen to a CD, on my first LP when I'm old
We live by the coke, 96 holdin up bricks stashes let the paper fold
And I'm still seen shells through your window
For my people at the right time, meetin you at home
And for the right time been in business the song
E.S.P in flow, Free on the zone and, you was a part of that
But you find it and now you want me back
But on sooner i'ma holla back


[Outro: Young Chris + Girl]
[Yeah, Uh, Ok] You gonna want me back, you know, want me back
[In my lifetime] You gonna want me back, you know, want me back
[In my lifetime] You gonna want me back, you know
You gonna need me, one day, one day
You gonna want me back in your life, you gonna need me