Just Another Nigga Letra


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Letra de Just Another Nigga
(feat. Sparks & Beanie Sigel)

Chea, State Property Criminal Records
We'll show you exactly what takes place in the ghetto (that's right)

People used to tell me
That I'll be just another nigga
Livin' life in these cold streets
And I don't wanna be
Just another nigga
People used to tell me
That I'll be just another nigga
Understand y'all don't know me
Cause I'm not gonna be
Just another nigga

They say I'm just another nigga (another nigga)
A malt liquor drinker, a marijuana smoker
Sherman Heller, crack pusher
You gotta serve fiends by all means
To make cream to feed home
I'm just another gangsta, breed homes
Let me run wit my niggaz
Hug the corner, though it one day that same block
That I love to hug, might leave me and to turn into a goner
But I refuse to turn my back on my niggaz
How could I leave them
Knowin' one day I might turn around and need 'em for [?]
School me way back in the day
A man should never bite the hand and feed 'em
So we learned to break bread through in the month of Ramadan
Together we grow fast, fell back
I watched teams break up, top guns that broke down
Fake fucks get faked down and fake pounds
I got slugs to chase ya fake fucks the fuck down
Police wanna know why I pack the piece
That fills the stacks increase
Ya dudes in the streets wanna ruin the face


I sat in my cell, watchin' the walls
Sayin' reps in my head while I washed my drawers
Life is hard, and pussies is soft (district attorneys)
Scream, years involved in there snitch on they boss
But not O, you know the jail thing I'm used to the scene
Keep my blues wit a cuff, and my Converse clean
I'm not pointin', snitchin', rattin', givin' a statement
I'm the mind, body and soul of this nigga you get mavin
I was raised by the PJ's, hung wit the essa's
Took rocked nueve's, dip pull Chevy's
Sold dope to strangers, shot at my roadies
Smacked my young bitch in her face and broke her clothes
Cause I wasn't focused everybody so shifty
Life was crazy like I slipped it a nicky
I'm just another nigga, no I'm more
I'm a ex-con, a bank robber driver 'bout to go on tour


[Beanie Sigel]
In '98 y'all couldn't trace my mug
Now y'all hatin' wanna waste my blood
Cause I'm eatin', wanna taste my grub
Tell you what, I'll give you food for thought
The spoon and fork, but y'all bitches doin' the dishes
Feed you shells from the strafe I snubbed
Now Prop's that's the case won't budge
No prints pimp latex glove
Lose in court, fuck you gon' prove in court?
Sig don't believe in leavin' witness
Shit ain't all good, different number different hood
Duck and damn the sticks, disappear in the woods
I duck cops and I lost neighbors
Had to separate my neighbors acres, segregate the haters
Y'all said that I'd be dead in the street
Nigga, I'm gettin' bread tryin' to spread wit my peeps
Sit behind the desk and a scraper
I know I'm destined for greatness
Y'all thought you'd read about my death in the papers, huh?