Letra de This Is How It Is
[Will Ski]
Brother in the sneakers slammin jams through my speakers
Won't you write a rhyme that's designed just to freak us
Can ya huh? Can you make it sound swift?
Yes I can become the flavours who I'm down with
Plus I make the moola with a well-rehearsed script
From my feet to my hips then propelling from my lips
You claim to have style while I, huh crack a smile
You can give it up because you know you're livin foul
It took a hot minute now I'm in it like a champ
You want to feel the bass pump up the amp
Brothers bop their heads to the funk y'all
So many non-believers said I would fall
But now I'm hangin out with the live crew
Dan Dash, Darien, Clark Kent too
The Future Sound, Sean Wan, brother Suave and Kirk
It doesn't take a genius to know that we do work.

[Suave Lover]
Can I break it down to the bone to the core
Without a loud yell or a thunderous roar
Still you get wrecked by the intellect
Rumour has it that payroll is fronting
On the checks and they did so the kid
Had to break out in a dash came the cash
Among with much clout now I'm living well
Never living poor even doe see doe
From doing all our tours skins in the air
When the wind blows not down with H.I.V.
So I say hell no universal lingo drop dead
On a single play it and you'll find I got more flavour
Then a pringle fresh pair of sneaks
Jean hanging from my bottom rap is expressed through the way
That I'm dressed can I get a ho from the crowd?
Uptown in the boogie down Bronx.

[Will Ski]
8 more bars until I reach the stars
Picture perfect quest yes without any flaws
Streets go by now the while was worth waiting
Although I'm kind of tired from the months of creating
Patience is a virtue that's protected through time
That's my main motto when I write a new rhyme
But everything revolves around my lifestyle
Combination with a 4-count beat

[Suave Lover]
Time again for the Suave to bust the spit out
To all those non-belivers who had their doubts
Now I'm in the door making it legit
And when I write my rhymes I'm writing just for hits
So now you know while I go go
Just to flow flow being far from so so
Another style to swing to another form of hip hop ooh