Movement Is Not Action Letra

Oriana Raeo

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Letra de Movement Is Not Action
Constant permutation from what's become habitual
Walls crack and ceilings plummet
Misguided intentions and shadows on the floor
Days are a transposed perspective from before
Living is easy with eyes closed
But recognition is back breaking
The skyline has grown black
And our fears more eminent
We'll watch the trees succumb to embers
Nothing more than a distant rendering
Are we ever truly awake?
A repertoire of past mistakes
The shoreline has grown closer and closer
But our promises more and more vague
What is certain now?
We are captives of our own doing
With no one to blame but ourselves
I cannot begin to fathom the logic that we claim to hold
Unrecognizable faces
Surround in every direction
My airway has become constricted
The words just don't seem to surface
Nothing is as easy as it seems
Or at least it isn't anymore
I've said all I can
And you know I've had enough