Eyes-radio-lies Letra


Vapor Transmission

Letra de Eyes-radio-lies
Slipping past position
You know i watch you drive
Watching you painted in chrome Max Factor
And feeling number one
All alone now I can see you a way to the drone
Radio waves hitting your brain from the phone
Yes i can see

I can see what's on your mind
Cause you're never alone
I am the voice inside your head
And the eyes in your radio
I am the eyes in your radio

Hello Mr. Racecar driver
You know I'm watching you too
In the trauma room brain dead
Still you went faster
Now your number means nothing
Mr. Nickel Plated candy man
Are you feeling lifeless in aluminum?
Splitting decisions to the core
As everyone dances in the fast lane


With all that's fake, there's sense to make
From toys that break
It's time to throw away all the bad things that you hated
You scared yourself away
Now hate's what you appreciate
That's why people lie
People like you
People like me
So go away