Letra de Eva
you know i've started to grow since you've been away.
lately it's scarier not knowing,
what's become of you
are you proud of me now? I can't tell
i'm not as fearless as you.

still i pretend that you're still standing by,
to show me wrong from right,
never got a chance to say good bye.
take this gift from me,
hold it deep in mind forever,
and never let this go.

i used to think you were crazy,
when you were hooked to the screen.
but now they tell me that you're in a better place
but where did you go?
and i swear sometimes you're watching over me
still i'd give the world for the chance
just to see your face again.


now, now there's nothing left but time,
know that i'm following you.
eva's always on my mind and it makes me wonder.
what happened to you?
you know it makes me wonder.


and never let this go away.
never let this go