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Letra de Vapor Transmistion
Suckerface Bring me back the time Because you know you're special And we think you know you're wrong Suckerface you're special Do you believe yourself it's not science Do you hide from your reflection Do you believe yourself to be Number one in the world-electric Raised by the queens your mother paid So how does that make you a human god And all the ladies want you and sometimes gentlemen too And still we think you know you're wrong Bring me back the time Because you know you're special The Odyssey What would you do if you finally believed in yourself But you just don't know your ass from a hole in the ground So true it's a violation Hide yourself from the same old memories Your image is your invitation There's no time for sleep so motherfucker come on Welcome to the Odyssey Prancing through a black hole in the sky from the 30th century So you'll feel like me You traded in your high school ring To get away from the pom pom boys and the jock strap girls Yeah, give me the super pill to make things better Yeah, the super pill to make everything alright The odyssey You've been driven by your faceless personality And your image is your own faceless odyssey Come on I'm very curious Opticon Let's fake an answer for the curious, Let's fake it all for the fame. They'll think delivering was easy, Living the fairy tales and the lies, lies Message from Opticon Blast from the Fashion Bomb So helpless, guess what you're out of... time New alien spawn We reinvent the dawn And no one's style compares Those neon eyes Make mom and dad think that we've lost our minds They're just terrified of all new things Opticon is here to lead us Opticon is in control So quick to change us And imitate us Fiction (Dreams in Digital) She's lost in coma where it's beautiful Intoxicated from the deep sleep, deep sleep Do you wonder what it's like Living in a permanent imagination Sleeping to escape reality, but you like it like that Guilty by design she's nothing more than fiction She dreams in digital 'Cause it's better than nothing Now that control is gone It seems unreal, she's dreaming in digital She dreams in digital And your pixel army can't save you now My finger's on the kill switch I remember I used to compose your dreams, control your dreams And don't be afraid, to expose yourself before I shut you down You've made some changes since the virus caught you sleeping Eva You know I started to grow since you've been away Lately, it's scarier not knowing what's become of you Are you proud of me now, I can't tell I'm not as fearless as you Still I pretend that you're still standing by To show me wrong from right Never got a chance to say goodbye Take this gift from me, hold it deep in mind, forever and never let this go I used to think you were crazy When you were hooked to the screen But now they tell me that you're in a better place But where did you go And I swear sometimes you're watching over me Still I'd give the world for the chance just to see your face again Now, there's nothing left but time Know that I'm following you Eva's always on my mind and it makes me wonder What happened to you? You know it makes me wonder Still I pretend that you're still standing by to show me wrong from right And never let this go away 107 It's about this constant addiction About this greater demand As I reach for the laugh with only seconds left, I'm getting deeper And did you say that you were happy 'Cause I won't leave you alone I need the push to elude to things I have to say To what I have to say There's a time and a place, we hide behind An alternate face When the freak needs a nurse you comply With the fools in mind We're the people who fuck with your mind When you sleep inside I can take you away To a better place, to a better time I can take you away To a better place Let's talk about you and me tonight 'Cause I'd really like to take you home 'Cause I need the push to elude to things I have to say And remember the times that we've shown you the way With so many faces And remember the times that we've shown you the way We can change your mind Dramatica I caught their sparkle from the runway Such a fool for the amazon Nothing's wrong but it's just not right The three of us in the naked light No chance for psychotic solutions Lost in this three-way dimension Imagine you as me and I'll tell you Just what I'm thinking That it feels like you, feels like I, feels like we do And it feels like feels like I, feels like we do And everyone's daze is on Look what you've done You give yourself away for nothing (feels like you, feels like I, feels like we do) And give it all away for nothing (feels like you, feels like I, feels like we do) When will you escape dramatica Gifts of pleasure you recieved Everything you wanted from me Chemical abduction, restricted our vision We were on auto drive Don't blame the platforms for your fall We were chasing obsession Imagine you as me and I'll tell you Just what was on my mind that night 'cause it feels like you, feels like I, feels like we do What's on your mind? Eyes-Radio-Lies Slipping past position You know I watch you drive Watching you painted in chrome Max Factor And feeling #1 All alone now I can see you a way to the drone Radio waves hitting your brain from the phone Yes I can see Chorus: I can see what's on your mind 'Cause you're never alone I am the voice inside your head And the eyes in your radio I'm the eyes in your radio Hello Mr. Racecar driver You know I'm watching you too In the trauma room brain dead Still you went faster Now your # means nothing Mr. Nickel-plated candy man Are you feeling lifeless in aluminum Spitting decisions to the core As everyone dances in the fast lane chorus With all that's fake, there's sense to make From toys that break It's time to throw away all the bad things that you hated You scared yourself away Now hate's what you appreciate That's why people lie People like you People like me So go away chorus Saving Faces She lives the glamour days The Euro-fashion phase So set another trap some other way 'Cause she's not biting And oh no she's getting wasted again Imagine that Hooked on saving face What are you thinking What are you doing here chorus You pretend you're safe inside, but I know what no one knows Where's the same, undefined by you As you're living thru my eyes Always living thru my eyes She's taking over the game, and always running away They've tried to tug her in so many ways Still she's inviting And oh no she's playing bastard again, imagine that Hooked on pointing fingers Are you breathing What are you doing here chorus 'Cause it's a union of androgyny That lingers like the plague Know it's still a question of gender Imagine she's pretending that she's hooked on saving face What were you thinking What are you doing here chorus out Re-Creation I could've made a wish but it wouldn't come true The white trash bitch controls you Born and raised in a trailer park And all the faces of the lies surround you Your simple pleasures come from someone else's pain The way you like it For you-I've become what you made me chorus And we make this new religion To escape what we've become Your signal's fading so let go And we make this new religion As the program showed us To escape what we've become So you played along, you couldn't help it And the followers stand in line (followers stand in line) Her signal's fading so let's give it one more try As the soldiers walk right by To face this Re-creation chorus All you people move so slow We can tell you what you're thinking So you played along chorus 3x Chasing Sirens If you need to change your style sometimes To please and satisfy They'll call you a hypocrite You're giving birth to all new trends Visions they'll never comprehend Because they're all so selfish chorus Everyone look at me Chasing sirens Demanding their attention So selfish Trying to discover what's wrong with my mind So they started the upheaval But you prompted the war You're still a hypocrite Snapping the sleepers into motion So their systems will change Right now you're giving up but let me show you chorus You like to be the center of attention, don't you Under the spell of another phase So pretentious Plastic uninvited Don't you find it strange How they wear their egos on their sleeves Until they see your face Chorus This day should last forever Stuck on the merry go round Keep spinning, never want to come down So selfish Where's Gerrold You're light bright and animated A demolition color scheme Mismatched and complicated Who put the hex on Mr. X Living in a bigtop dimension You're the stalker of the mini world Trapped in wonder land suspension Transmissions from the micronaut girl Where are you now And we'd like to think you found your own way home On your own Where's Gerrold now You're a visual illusion, like Christmas, A trend setter for the color blind A think fast colution, no way out Washed away with the crimson tide Transglobal spectacle with post mortem fame Popsicle cannibal Can you hear me Rainbow dementia smiles, everyone smiles THe small realities, a pixie playland Can you find yourself in bright lights flashing Cover my eyes I'm feeling sick, I'm getting paranoid Find yourself With bright lights flashing Bright lights flashing I'm feeling paranoid... Spectrum thanks to ash for the spectrum lyrics. It's the typical ones who want out 'Cause it's getting critical And the curious running away They are the furious ones It's the perfect disguise known as fear It's a shame it's a phenomenon Slapping our faces and laughing away at us all chorus What does this mean To have my way with you Distance me Discovering the truth Arranged for something new 'Cause it makes me feel good now I get excited by the signs As the provider of random sex You're getting skeptical Since you've joined my parade I can laugh I've had you my way It was perfect inside Now I feel It's a shame you're a phenomenon Shadow embraces an innocent plan for us all chorus out