never thought i'd see her on amateur night Letra


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Letra de never thought i'd see her on amateur night
light your dynamite
explode in my line of sight
you're a sexy dancer, make a man feel grandier
baby, make my night

i smell your fragrance
as you do a stage dance
you can make that booty clap, it's your booby trap
but i don't have patience

so fuck it, make a scene
like covers of magazines
let your booty go, in a studio, blowing up like gasoline
i noticed you're practicing

you like a cocky smile
you like that, doggy style
hair up in rubberbands, get on top take an upperhand
trust me i will understand

your cheeks wet, like the fabric of your victorias secret

bottle up like a molotov, we'll fall in love and call it off
you're my fuck specialist
smooth move, sexy bitch