goosebumps (your hand is cold) Letra


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Letra de goosebumps (your hand is cold)
my heart's scarred
you are the callous
it's in the air, the auras of aurora borealis
you look so scared
for all the galaxies
i will never hurt you
or lose your virtues

blood in a chalice
a body is a palace
your skin is see through, i can't leave you
i took a challenge
you are my opium
the phobea comes
tastes like sodium

lips so moistened
i'm your boyfriend
the love's a magic potion, i feel poisoned

i got goosebumps

i feel jeopardized
your leopard eyes
loving in record time, this is the paradigm
you say i'm romeo
ride it like a rodeo
movin' to the radio
up and away we go