clitoris is latin for oh my oh, god, fuck me Letra


Otras Canciones

Letra de clitoris is latin for oh my oh, god, fuck me
you're going down as fast as the liquor is
i like your lip service, you taste a little like licorice
your tongue is like a gun in my mouth, pull the trigger, before i pull out
it gets vigorous, when i give you the middle finger

hold my hand by it's wrist and twist 'til i shout (2x)

whip cream, drizzling this chocolate syrup
make my lips scream, you're a cowgirl in a stirrup
licking me up, from my kneecap, like i'm your drug, and you need rehab
baby please be bad, ontop where the cherry goes

strip tease, we better turn up the stereo
our purple lips freeze, but it's such a hot scenerio
your candy coated areolas, sensual love festival, your body is so flexible
scream at sixteen decibals, delicate, so delectible

on the tip of my tongue, the top of my lungs (2x)