between a moon and a werewolf Letra


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Letra de between a moon and a werewolf
cutout angles of paper mache
lashing out with their eyes, like machete blades
they dialate in the violet dim, they violate, and play my veins like violins
i smile in silence (2x)

pure cane sugar coated saliva
dripping out the mouth, every ounce of shyness
righteous cocaine to my unclear sinus, so insane, and on fire like nitrous
under starlit cypress, the highest isolated island
it's dark in this midnight hour science, devouring me, deflowering my iris
eye of the tigress (2x)

home alone... where they told me not to try this

sunshine rises a bloody mary
i tried to remember last night, with instant regret
damp where pillow sweat's still so wet, smoke lingering off a lit cigarette
i was a silhouette (2x)