Letra de The Way To Temptation
Blessed by death
Slaughter by the innocents
Slaying through flames
The messenger of death
Chosen one
Entering the burning gates
To fight the dark one
A sacrifice that must be done... sacrificed

Trapped in darkness, where everything dies
Walking in the shadows, through empty skies
Immersed in the cause, possessing his mind
Poisoned his thoughts, making him blind

A mortal man
Searching for eternity
In the hands of faith
The tides of destiny
Forever cursed
A sword becomes his only friend
His shield is faith
He must resist until the end

Beyond the dark, beyond the light
Spiritual warrior, shall test his might
Beyond death, beyond life
Spiritual warrior, now shall rise
Beyond the night, beyond the day
Spiritual warrior, shall test his faith
Beyond all weakness, beyond all strength
Spiritual warrior, shall face his fate

Beyond the lands of insanity
We fight against evil abomination
Beyond the gates of infinity
We walk throught the way to temptation