Letra de Of Gore And Disgust
I cut through flesh
I smash your skull
I rip through flesh
I'll get your soul
My virus settles in
Infected to die from within
Living dead
You will become
Forever more
The taste of flesh, the pleasure to devour

Feel the blood boiling inside
And then the coldness announcing you'll die
No remorse is what I feel
As you meet the rage of my steel
Your life is what I want
Your flesh is what I crave
In the night your flesh is mine
I let out the beast inside

My last human breath whispers
Please end this curse
I have become the king
Of gore and disgust

Feel the coldness of my touch
As the air no longer fills your lungs
Feel the coldness of my touch
Your brain shuts down you'll be no more
My claws rip through your skin
And tears apart all that hides within
A lifeless heart that will beat no more
The clearest sign that soon you'll be gone