Letra de Berzerk
Smashing skulls with my warhammer
Slicing heads off with my sword
The smell of flesh engulfs the sky
Bodies burning through the night
Delightful pain is what I like the most
Ripping faces with my claws
Spilling blood brings joy to my soul
This madness I cannot control

Tears fall along with their heads
Butchered and impaled
Slaughtered victims of my victory
The slaves of misery
Splitting skulls with my battleaxe
Piercing bodies with my spear
Ending lives with my own hands
Spreading fear through the lands
Raping the souls of the one's I've killed
Enslaving them forever more
Destroying all who stand in my path
To let them feel my immense wrath

Anger fills my soul
Rage lives in my head
Everyone will die
No one's safe as I go berzerk

Savage and ruthless
Harsh and heartless
Sadistic and cruel
Barbaric and violent
Callous and monstrous
Inhuman and pitiless
Mean and merciless
Cold and reckless
As I go berzerk