Memorize The City Letra

The Organ

Grab That Gun

Letra de Memorize The City
Oh, darkness filled the sky as pools of water filled your eyes
They sparkled like phosphorescence in the bay
Although our lips barely touched
I have never felt so much
And i'd really like to feel that way again
Oh , oh , when ?

I walk through the streets and memorize the city
I count every light until i reach the shore
Sometimes i close my eyes and you're not very pretty
Sometimes i can't believe i've had those thoughts

We pulled a boat down to the dock and stole two steady oars
I pushed you off into the dark: acrisius favours
And from above the great abyss
You threw pennies in and wished for the feeling of wanting
Nothing more

Sometimes i close my eyes
And hope that i can keep away all the darkened skies