Letra de Eli
I was born in 1865 in the southeastern united states of america.
On this my plantation, on this my plantation.
So simple until that day
lying in the hot sun,
lying in the hot sun.
Tried to wake him,
but he would not awaken. (drop the bucket and run)
Asked my father, but did not question
saw it fall, saw it fall (drop the bucket and run)
I thought it made him free,
I thought it made him (run away, get away) free.
Wish i would have said this before (when I was still alive)
I thought that I was so free...
thought that you might have learned from my mistakes,
but you've only regenerated
all the things i've
come to know and hate.
I saw it fall the last drop to the bucket
onto the blade of grass
and I thought it might have made him free.