Letra de Mercury
I was trapped inside a week of greyand die a little every dayI´m a victim of my own decisionsleave it all behind and trin´to settleand then run awayit changed so suddenlyI´m fading endlesslyI´m like mercuryAnd I see the backs they turn on meI blind my eyes so I can´t seebut that´s a goodbye to the once I lovea goodbye to my friends who cannot know itwhat I´m tring to beit´s a sin to benothing else but meI´m like mercuryAnd I´m losing control, losing timelosing everything I once called minenow I squander all my strength and prideto find an ocean , oh, so wideto dive in it and just feel finewell I´m entwined in mecrazy as can beI´m like mercury