The Swordwraith (Unbroken Vow II) Letra

Order Of The Ebon Hand

XV: The Devil

Letra de The Swordwraith (Unbroken Vow II)
[Unbroken Vow II]

This is the Black Maze I have Entered
Where the numbness of Souls
Exists in Eternal Dark

Here I lay floating
Blind and Powerless in the Night
Truly, I' m Slain
And Dreaming of Life

My Spiritual Existence caught in a Web
-I lie waiting
but the Flame of my Soul
hasn't faded Yet

Then a Voice summons
The Ship of Time is here
I'm drawn back to the plane of material

Then again I rise, Regenerated
Under the sign of the Baphomet
The darkest hour of Walpurgis Night

My spiritual body,
Stronger than could be
Pure lightning flashing
through my empty sockets
I am the Swordwraith
Oh, thee of the White Christ
Beware for I seek Revenge

Your champions are no match for me
Your priests now tell you lies
Your weak faith makes me laugh,
And smile as you realize
The fate your god arranged for you...

Your hope abandons you,
your courage drifts away
your weapons cannot Harm me anymore
your eyes in Fear
cannot challenge my Gaze

Now, I Kill and destroy
The sword's Howling in Madness
Ripping Flesh,
and Souls Apart

Blood is everywhere
As I devour your Essence
And become Immortal
A true dark Angel ,
by Draining you to the Abyss

I Am the Swordwraith
Mortal worms,
And watch me Burn the cross
Before your dying eyes