Dying Paradise Letra

Orden Ogan

To The End

Letra de Dying Paradise
Nothing is left – love, friendship or trust
Success is the name of the game
You act how you’ve learned – react how you must
Till you go back to from where you came

Now Voices – wishes
Promises still echo in my head, grey memories of the dead
I cry for all that hopes and dreams that vanished in the flames
And there’ll be nothing left after the rain

Over and over – it went round and round
We excused weak attempts with “at least we were trying”
Over and over – again and again
Thoughts spinning in circles
I’m trapped in this

Nothing to lose in this
Nowhere to run from this
Lost all belief in this
… The only thing I believe in is you

It was way too late
When they realized that
They can’t eat their money or fame
And the earth spit on them like they spit on her
And they went back to from where they came

Ruins, ashes, dust and snow in a world that had to fall
Is everything we will recall
I cried for all the hopes and dreams that vanished in the flames
And there was nothing left after the rain